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Download, open, or save a copy of "The History of Subprime and Predatory Lending" written by Lender Watch

This document is written as a lesson plan for teaching professionals, and as an informative document for the interested reader. Build up to today's financial crisis.

We cover 1980 through today in a 30-page detailed look at Household International, HSBC Finance, other companies, predatory lending, and subprime

A focal point of micro and macroeconomics classes, this document is written as a lesson plan. Perfect for management, business law, ethics, and moral values classes, this easy-to-read document is also perfect for educators.

Learn what causes financial runaway, see how each loan that is bigger than the last causes problems, and much more.
See changes that Congress made to allow predatory lending, and when those changes happened. Learn how state laws were changed, allowing the financial mortgage crisis of 2007.

If you are looking for a lesson plan, teaching aid, or outline relative to what happened to the nations economy, subprime, and the lending crisis, "The History of Subprime and Predatory Lending" - with an emphasis on Household International - is a great start for teachers and professors.

If you are just trying to understand personal finance over the last 30 years, or want to explain and define subprime, read this Lender Watch document now.



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